Autumn and winter collection 2020

These style samples for Fall/Winter 2020
are dedicated to fashion leaders or
fashion enthusiasts.

Our comfortable, high-quality, and hand-crafted clothing,
shoes, and accessories.
《 journal standard luxe 》 tickles the fashion-conscious mind
with not only authentic but also unique.
Here are some style samples of the season's latest pieces.

The blouson with an authentic military design
which made by MA-1 nylon fabric.
This gently curving cocoon silhouette made
different atomospher from the previous street-style.
Mixed with the beautiful jacquard weave skirt to create
a style that can be worn by an elegant woman.

Wear a long, bright red knit cardigan with
ultra-thick chino pants.
Dark-colored items set a chic mood to your outfits,
while silhouettes and sizes made your style unique.
The mannish felt hat is from MUHLBAUER,
an Austrian brand that has expanded around Vienna.

The long shirt with patchwork detailing shirts,
is paired with a turtleneck knit and
a ring coat for a fresh layered look.
Choose a soft fabric skirt for the bottoms,
with a long, vertical I-line silhouette.
Impress your coordinates with preppy socks and shoes.

A sweatshirt with a huge silhouette that feels
bigger than men’s size,
matching with loose-fitting pants with the same volume.
You can wear the same items as usual,
however depending on the sizing and silhouette,
you can transform it into a different style.
The effect of elegant brown and black to complement it,
for a style that is not too casual.

This BIG CPO shirt is made of corduroy.
You can wear it as an outer layer when it’s sunny,
and when it gets a little colder, you can wear a coat over it.
In this style, layered it with a fuzzy,
comfortable boa blouson and a black chick dress.
This made daily casual look to sophisticated style.

  • Direction : KUSHIDA MASAHITO
  • Photograph & Styling : TAKEMOTO KENICHI
  • Hair & Make-up : Yamada Daisuke[Cake.]
  • Model : Milana G.