Autumn and winter collection 2020

These style samples for Fall/Winter 2020 are
dedicated to fashion leaders or
fashion enthusiasts.

Our comfortable, high-quality, and hand-crafted clothing,
shoes, and accessories.
《 journal standard luxe 》 tickles the fashion-conscious mind
with not only authentic but also unique.
Here are some style samples of the season's latest pieces.


This wool all-in-one has a unique silhouette.
The pink knit made it girlish and more unique.
A ruffled shirt, show off from the knit sleeves,
adds elegance to the style.


The work style with these vintage-inspired overalls.
The coat has a relaxed, loose silhouette gently wraps
around your body and made you warm.
A pair of voluminous socks are booting work style,
while a striped shirt adds a clean look.


This season's dress style
tries to be a little more aggressive.
Layered a loose-fitting silhouette vest
and a neck warmer on your feet as well.
The unique style of a large scarf
wrapped around the head made style fresh.


The all-black style is achieved
by wearing a black coat over a black all-in-one.
Vivid pink is used as an accent color for a feminine look.
Blue sneakers give the outfit a modern,
urban look.


The long stadium coat is a particular highlight of this season.
Underneath, layered a dotted blouse with a bow tie and a herringbone vest.
The style, which focuses on chic colors,
also makes mature of the trendy leopard-print skirt.

  • Direction : KUSHIDA MASAHITO
  • Photograph & Styling : TAKEMOTO KENICHI
  • Hair & Make-up : Yamada Daisuke[Cake.]
  • Model : Milana G.