Squinting in the bright sunshine, she puts her hat on tightly.
A girl with the braids, wearing her favorite clothes,
slowly feeling the moment that seems to be passing quickly.
The nostalgic and natural summer of
"journal standard luxe" begins.


“SOIL” dot-patterned blouse and easy wide-legged pants are
made in a light fabric with a slightly transparent feel.
Wearing them as a set-up, you can achieve a style with
the greatest presence this spring.
Just add a simple cut-and-sew
and relaxed shoes for a natural look.


The “A.B.” dress, which strikes a perfect balance
between maturity and loveliness, is the star of the show.
The natural texture of the fabric, with its unique crispness,
gives it a beautiful three-dimensional silhouette.
This light and airy dress that softly flutters
as you walk will become a special wardrobe item
for the warm weather to come.


This bordered cut in a wide box silhouette
is finished with a white trim on the collar.
Although it’s in half sleeves, the oversized fit makes it
less revealing and gives it a more mature image.
Wear it with chinos with vintage-like details
for a daringly universal look.


The faded denim gives a natural damage look
with a long-lasting wear and tear.
The denim of “CHIMALA”, one of the most popular brands,
is styled in a healthy and slightly girlish interpretation.
The unique apron-like design of the “LUCIO VANOTTI” top is
layered with a tank top to create a nostalgic image of a woman.


A striped skirt with a refreshing contrast
of white and blue can be worn
with a clean white top for a summer look.
Throw on a camouflage jacket and you can enjoy
a style that is more than just ordinary.
The traditional look of the feet will bring
the challenging coordination together.


A clean-all-white looks is great for the new season.
The unique design of the salopettes adds
a mischievous mood to this boyish approach.
Add a fun T-shirt from the New York brand
"OLD SOLDIER" and leather loafers for a touch of class.

  • photograph & styling:Takemoto Kenichi
  • hair & make-up:Yamada Daisuke [Cake.]
  • model:Laura