As the day grow longer,
wildflower’s bloom along the path I always walk.
It's easy to get carried away,
but there’s always a way to find a little happiness.
"journal standard luxe" clothes,
put together a gentle and polite essence to my daily life.


A poncho with a wide silhouette
is worn with a cropped denim with tucks.
It’s all about wearing it with a natural attitude
by squeezing the waist in a crisp silhouette.
Add a pair of white socks and loafers for a traditional look.


This floral print dress from "MAISON DE SOIL"
uses the traditional technique of printing layers
using hand-carved woodblocks.
The richly expressive handmade fabric
reflects the image of a pretty woman.
Accessories the look with wildflowers.


Fresh blue and a raw white stripe
meet a light contrast pallet.
The dress worn as a long shirt is an original item
from "journal standard luxe".
The key is to wear it with an easy feel,
just like a room wear.


An authentic pile fabric sweater
is updated with an oversized fit in vivid pink.
The generous volume gives it a unique silhouette,
which is selected from "One Piece that Draws a Louette".
Pair it with glen check half pants for a chic look.


White overalls with cut-off
hems herald the arrival of summer.
The vest, made of linen fabric with a voluminous frill,
evokes the mood of an innocent pretty girl.
It will lead you to a style
that is a little more special than the universal dress.


"ELSA ESTOLOGY," a brand created by a Paris-based designer,
comes this camisole dress
with glossy fabric that exudes a sensual mood.
The dress has a feminine and relaxed silhouette
with a volume of fabric and gathers.
Complete the look by throwing an oversized shirt for an easy feel.

  • photograph & styling:Takemoto Kenichi
  • hair & make-up:Yamada Daisuke[Cake.]
  • model:Laura