→「Col Pierrot」
Cashmere Series

It is made of cashmere from MTR, a manufacturer located in the Prato region of Italy. The finish is beaver processed to give it warmth, elegant luster and smoothness. The shape and accessories are as simple as possible to maximize the quality of the fabric. It is a very classy finish

We wanted to create an elegant poncho, so we eliminated buttons and stitching to create a minimalist look. This high-quality item can be worn regardless of age or trend, making it a timeless piece that can be worn all the time.

The length hides the hips, so it can be worn with slim pants and boots, or casually with a sweatshirt or hoodie. The fabric has a soft, lightweight, and comfortable feel.

→「Col Pierrot」
Shawl Colar

The material is virgin wool made from the hair of babies up to 6 months old. The fabric is then subjected to the charmed beaver process (*), a process that can only be done at one location in Japan, on both sides of the fabric. This makes the fur longer, shinier, more textured, and warmer. The processing is done on both sides of the fabric, making it a very luxurious finish. The sewing is also finished at a skilled factory that is said to be the best in Japan.
*Charme de beaver processing
This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive processing method that involves scratching the fabric three times to stretch the hair, as opposed to the beaver process, which usually involves scratching the fabric once to stretch the hair.

Golden cash

Golden Cash is a very rare material that is produced in only about 0.1% of the normal cashmere. The finest of all cashmere fibers, this material contains plenty of air, which increases warmth and makes it extremely comfortable! The result is a voluminous, yet moist, cowtin sweater.

Fluffy Jacket

This 6x1 down has plenty of volume, a short length, and a cute side silhouette. It can be packable and can be used as a cushion during airplane travel time.

Beautiful Shirt

The material, color, and silhouette of this shirt are all perfect. The shape of the collar makes the face look clean, and the color fits perfectly with the knitwear and outerwear you want to wear this year. The charm of this shirt can only be seen through its sleeves.

The finest stoles

Long-established Italian factory brand "ALONPI The superb texture and warmth that you will feel once you wear it. Colors are produced according to the styling of each season. Three gray colors are essential for this winter, black to enjoy the difference in texture, and camel that blends well with the skin.

Spice up your style

Accessories are the key to styling. This winter, add some modern spice.

Voluminous boots

This winter, the essential thing is the volume of your feet. Find your favorite from a wide variety of variations.